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Standard Edition:
Color Research, Apparel Development, and Technical Design

CMF research, product development, and technical design.

Art direction by J. Lyman Ballif and David Wise. CMF design by Nicole Frampton, Grant Lyman, and myself. Technical design by Grant Lyman and myself.
Standard Edition is a product system that leverages MF9’s production expertise and capabilities to make thoughtfully designed product more accessible. The goal is to create an easier avenue for brands, studios, and creatives to contribute to culture in a well-executed way through well-executed blank garments.

In the color research phase, I looked to apparel that is emotionally durable. The garments were designed with intention, so the color offerings should parallel that intention to create apparel pieces meant to last.My reference point was vintage clothing, particularly collegiate wear. I chose this point of reference both because of the standardization of colors in collegiate wear, as well as their lasting relationship with the consumer. 

In synthesizing the color research, I proposed 3 stages of color implementation. The first was the MVP having a wide appeal using common colors that would help gain market traction on release.

I also proposed expanded options informed both by my research, as well as looking to the most demanded colors by past clients. The last phase was focused on offering a wider selection for more expressive use cases.
In addition to color research, I worked on apparel development. This included tech packs, sample revisions, communcating with factories, hangtag design, label design, line artwork, etc.