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Industrial Tenderness:
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Writing, Research, and Book Design

Typeset in Marfa by Dinamo Typefaces and New Kansas by Miles Newlyn.

Printed via Mixam, with support from RISD Research

An artist book describing my design theory and process in developing my graduate industrial design thesis at Rhode Island School of Design. My research early on was very academic/theoretical getting into the weeds of material culture, art and design history, cognitive linguistics, postmodernist arguments, blablabla. I decided to take a more personal approach for my thesis publication, highlighting the pluriversality of ornamentation through a loose visual language centered around family photos.

Taking note from taco trucks and mercados, the book uses purposefully inconsistent justification and glyph sizes breaking away from the rigidity of strict modernist layouts. A grid is used as a decorative motif, with the colors black and white being absent through the contents of the book. Edge painted in pink with a paint mop.